Curatorial: Sparks

A selection of studio paintings that are created in tandem with my large public murals, and both influence and are influenced by that area of my work. Any new paintings that are available for sale can be found on my shop.

Collaborations from inside Vault Artist Studios.

There is something inherently risky about collaborating. This is especially true where creative partnerships are new; the process can be unpredictable as new working methods are established.

Can you let go of your own singular vision and be open to new ideas?

The collaborations in this exhibition reflect ideals that are central to Vault Artist Studios; generosity, sharing, experimentation, and trust. 100 artists came together and committed to building a community. In the first six months we have cooked many lunches, done yoga, rollerskated, played exquisite corpse, built a members bar to play pool and socialize, put on exhibitions and events, made new friends and forged new creative partnerships.

Collaborating is a part of who we are as a studio group: we take risks and embrace the unpredictable.

This exhibition features the work of: Helen Gomez, Leo Boyd, Neil Foster, Jonathan Brennan, Ruth Crothers, Laura Nelson, Conor McClure, Jamie Mason Harper, Sally O’Dowd, John Baucher, Rob Ireson, Ed Reynolds, Alana Barton, Wilhemina Covington, Benen Dillon, Hannah Smith, Rob Hilken, Robin Price, Tonya McMullan, Neal Campbell, Ursula Burns, John Macormac, Pete Brien, and Eoin McGinn.

Photographer Simon MIlls, courtesy of Golden Thread Gallery.