Never Give Up

A selection of studio paintings that are created in tandem with my large public murals, and both influence and are influenced by that area of my work. Any new paintings that are available for sale can be found on my shop.

In January 2022 I took my road sign on tour.

I travelled to locations across Belfast each day for a month and shared an image or video on Instagram.

Follow your dreams⁠
Effect change⁠
Crawl through the mud⁠
and never give up⁠

I never wanted to be an astronaut…⁠

Some final thoughts to wrap up the project.⁠

I hoped this project would kick start my year, giving me something to get my teeth into. It certainly did that. It was fun, challenging, rewarding and stressful at times. January was perfect for it and it has helped me get through a traditionally challenging month. Your comments really spurred me on throughout, so a massive thank you for that.⁠

It showed me that social media can actually be a great platform for making new work and getting it out there.⁠

The videos were my favourite posts to make, and the most successful post (by far) was the video where it snowed, which reached over 5,000 accounts. Mad!⁠

The posts I was most happy with were ones that had some degree of intention. The ones where I knew what photo or video I wanted and then set out to make it. The ones where I just rocked up to a location and hoped to get a good image were less satisfying.⁠

I’ll do this again some time, but maybe not for a full month, and I might plan it a bit more in advance so I’m not caught trying to think of something new to do each day – although that way of working also had it’s benefits, as the whole thing was very spontaneous.⁠

I’m interested to see if there is any demand for prints of any of the images… let me know what you think in the comments.⁠

I never wanted to be an astronaut, but in 2006 I realised that I did want to be an artist.⁠